Coronavirus definitely slowed things down, but now that restrictions have eased Melburnians haven’t wasted any time speeding things up again – and it has impacted our roads big time.

Data released by RACV’s Intelematics has revealed that there are roads in Melbourne that are busier than they were before the pandemic struck.

For example, Spencer Street in the CBD would average 58,000 cars a day in 2019.

Things naturally calmed down during lockdown to 39,000 a day but it has since surged this year to a whopping 68,000.

Punt Road, Kings Way, Linlithgow Avenue and St Kilda Road are feeling the pressure of increases after lockdown –  with the latter now averaging 26,294 cars a day, doubling the amount of traffic.

Queens Road is the busiest street in Melbourne and also increased to 182,000 each day. In lockdown it was just 103,082.