We rarely meet people who love to fly, for us passengers it’s a few hours of hell before we can be released, but for flight attendants it’s their everyday reality…

“Passenger Shaming” is a new trend – with hilarious results!

Here are the five things that are guaranteed to annoy your flight attendant:

1. Poking or Grabbing Them

Abbie Unger, a flight attendant and author and founder of the Flight Attendant Career Connection said there are many alternatives to getting you attendants attention.

“Please don’t touch, poke, or tug on a flight attendant. You could say ‘ma’am’ or ‘sir’. You can say ‘miss,’ ‘excuse me,’ ‘pardon me’ — or just wait until I make eye contact with you. But please don’t touch my rear end again!”

2. Being A Space Hog


Shawn Kathleen who runs the blog PassengerShaming was shocked at this photo.

“My head literally just exploded. #TheSenseofEntitlement.”

3. Leaving Rubbish In The Back Pocket Of Your Seat

“We walk up and down the aisle throughout the flight with a trash bag to collect trash,”Abbie Unger said.


4. Making Yourself Right At Home

The author of Diary of a Pissed Off Flight Attendant, Sydney Pearl said wearing shoes is necessary…

“We are always reminding people to put their shoes on because the wetness on the floor is not water.” 

5. Being Gross


But if we’re being honest, this one would irritate anyone…

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