You know that annoying stop-over you have to make at LAX on your way to New York from Sydney? Well, that could be a thing of the past…

In the best news ever, direct flights from Sydney to New York could be possible as soon as 2022, according to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

We kid you not! 

According to airline is considering replacing its fleet of Boeing 747s with new-generation jets such as Airbus A350s or Boeing 777s, which can fly significantly further.

“[From Sydney or Melbourne] they can go straight to New York, Boston and Washington DC, and that is a complete contextual redesign of our network right there,” Joyce told The Australian Financial Review

“At the moment, Sydney-New York is probably OK,” Mr Joyce said.


Longer flights will, however, take a greater toll on passenger health. report that Qantas is investing a significant amount of money at the University of Sydney to study the effects of the timing of meals, as well as cabin lighting and temperature, on ultra-long-haul passengers.

One things for certain though, this could be a serious GAME CHANGER!

Would you be keen for Qantas to introduce direct SYD-NYC flights? Tell us in the comments section below…


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