Despite continuing low case numbers and the city-wide lifting of restrictions across Melbourne, Victorians might not be allowed to travel north into New South Wales until after Christmas.

New South Wales will be keeping an eye on how Melbourne adjusts to life with newly-lifted restrictions, with authorities reportedly worried about the emergence of a third wave.

9News reports that health authorities in NSW will be paying particular attention to how Victoria’s systems safeguarding its population from further spread of the virus actually work.

The revelations that the borders could remain closed post-Christmas fly in the face of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s promise that Australia would be reopened by Christmas.

The Prime Minister made the pledge last week following a convening of the national cabinet, he told reporters at the time that states had agreed to the idea “in-principle” to allow Australians to move freely across the nation.

However, the promise came with some caveats, with a cautious Western Australian Premier opting out of any such commitments for his state.

While NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian had previously supported the Prime Minister’s plan, she now says that the state will be waiting on health advice before making a call on the Victorian border.


Ms Berejiklian told Channel Nine that she would be waiting to see what happens in Victoria.

“The real test is what happens to the virus when you ease restrictions,” Ms Berejiklian said.