After the mess that was oBikes, which saw over 250 public bikes be dumped into the Yarra, it’s a surprise Uber decided to bring its own bike share service to Melbourne.

Uber Jump bikes are electric, GPS tracked and work through their app. This week, 400 bikes were scattered across the CBD and inner suburbs.

Since the company is so renowned across the globe, you’d think Melburnians would have a bit more respect for this service.

Unfortunately, not just yet.

A Reddit user spotted an Uber Jump bike dumped in Princes Park in Carlton just 24 hours after its launch. All you can do is sigh…

Other Reddit users commented, saying they were surprised bike share returned to Melbourne, with others expressing their disbelief that this behaviour continues to happen.

“On a serious note, I am disgusted. Yeah, probably thrown in for laughs or for whatever reason. If this bike or parts aren’t salvageable, it’s just a wasted resource. It will go to landfill. How many of these bikes do people want to trash and destroy?” one user wrote.





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