If there’s one holiday destination that will be packed with surprises then its Turkey! You probably don’t know that this country, straddling both Asia and Europe boasts some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. Nor would you know that Turkey has been inhabited since the Paleolithic age, with ancient architectural ruins dotted throughout that will leave you speechless.

The capital of Istanbul is bustling with spices, markets, mosques, seafood restaurants on the Bosphorus, outdoor cafes and my favourite, Turkish bath houses where you will be molded, slapped and folded back into shape!

If that doesn’t leave you with a bounce in your step, then perhaps the world renowned Turkish coffee will, or even a dip in the black sea. If you’re after a truly unforgettable holiday then hire a local ‘gulet’ and sail down the Turkish coast with a group of friends, pulling into the small fishing bays at night to restock on the local delicacies of olive oil, fish and more herbs and spices.

If boats aren’t your thing then you’ll be pleased to know some of the most inspiring modern architecture can be found popping up in the hotels across Istanbul, alongside some of the best shopping centres and restaurants in Asia and Europe.

Turkish music is also fast taking shape as a modern world Islamic mix that will leave your feet tapping. The younger crowd will love this as they party the night away in some of the beach holiday towns like Bodrum.

But it’s the winter sport of skiing that will leave you most surprised, with some fantastic snow fields on offer, giving you the option of skiing your heart out in the morning and swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean in the afternoon. Now that’s a holiday with something for everyone!




Rose Jacobs is the Lifestyle Channel’s Travel Expert on Foxtel and is the author of popular parenting travel blog poopypropeller.blogspot.com.au providing travel advice for parents daring to go abroad with their monsters beloved little darlings. @JacobsRosie

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