If you’re an Aussie then chances are you have already been or are planning on going to beautiful Bali! Not just because it’s close and affordable, the reason Bali attracts us is because of the warmth… of the climate and of the people.

Whether you’re after the budget basics of Kuta or the chic boutiques of Seminyak, the uber cool of Uluwatu or even the mindful bliss of Ubud… Bali will delight your senses and leave you feeling revived and inspired.

An abundance of world class cafes and restaurants are on the rise and you can’t miss the seafood markets of Jimbaran Bay. Cracking open a fresh lobster and a bintang on the sand for less than ten dollars while you watch canoes floating with lanterns under the stars, now that’s something worth travelling abroad for!

Or perhaps you’ve heard about the amazing surf conditions this Indonesian island has to offer. For the truly adventurous, jump on a boat and head across to nearby island Nusa Lembongan where surf breaks Lacerations and Shipwrecks await.

And if you’re after a little retail therapy on your trip away then the shopping district of Legian, Seminyak won’t disappoint – for clothes, shoes, homewares and jewellery. Gone are the days of Bali’s tacky souvenirs – while you can still find them in abundance – talented designers and offering their wares alongside tradespeople who can whip up your own designs in no time and have them shipped back to your doorstep in a breeze.

And then there are the sunsets, the private luxury poolside villas and the evening cocktails that will help ease your stresses – not to mention the soothing massages on offer for a fraction of the price you will pay at home. My suggestion, take advantage of as much of all of the above during your time in this welcoming island paradise.




Rose Jacobs is the Lifestyle Channel’s Travel Expert on Foxtel and is the author of popular parenting travel blog poopypropeller.blogspot.com.au providing travel advice for parents daring to go abroad with their monsters beloved little darlings. @JacobsRosie

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