Amazon has released a new dashcam that will allow drivers to record when the police pull them over, just by saying “Alexa, I’m getting pulled over.’

Using the command, the Ring Car Cam tapes the audio ad video of the interaction and will upload it to the cloud.

“Traffic stops can be a time when having video is important, so that everyone remains on their best behaviour,” Ring’s head of mobile products, Nathan Ackerman, told CNET. “So, we developed a feature to support that.”

Once it has been voice-activated, the “traffic stop” feature says that it’s recording and offers a list of contacts for the drivers to alert.

“With its dual-facing HD cameras, you can see a live view and check in on what’s happening in and around the vehicle from anywhere over Wi-Fi or LTE,” the company said.

The device will cost $285 in Australia.

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