YES YES YES! In some seriously AMAZING news, 2020 has officially been saved.

Following all of the crap that’s gone on this year, we’re so excited to find out that one of our fav reality shows is coming back despite numerous obstacles in it’s way.

Amazing Race Australia is set to return because ain’t no pandemic or ban on international travel going to get them down!

So how are they going to do the race around the world when we can’t actually, well, race around the world? This time they’re going to be staying on home soil!

All contestants will get to explore all that Australia has to offer as they compete to be the first team over the finish line at the end to win the $250,000 cash prize.

And guess what… They’re looking for their new teams RIGHT NOW!

So if it’s been your dream to go on Amazing Race Australia, or you just need to travel somewhere after being cooped up in home for so long, then get your application ready! You can apply here.


Beau Ryan will also return as host of the show, guiding our races through each task and pit stop.

“The experience will change you and your teammates life forever,” Beau said. “If you’re looking to travel off the beaten path, all while having a crack at the massive prize, then give it a shot.”

We can’t wait for the Amazing Race Australia to return sometime soon to Channel 10!


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