The Northern Territory will lift the coronavirus hotspot declaration for greater Melbourne from midday on Monday.

It means Melburnians can now travel to the Territory without the need to quarantine.

Anyone from greater Melbourne already in quarantine will also be allowed to leave.

“Victoria’s ability to beat COVID-19 has become a global success story and it now occupies a rare and envious position on the world stage,” NT Chief Health Officer Dr Hugh Heggie said.

But Heggie said while life was slowly returning to normal, the pandemic was not yet over.

“I ask Territorians not to become complacent and to remain cautious as our domestic borders open and we reconnect with our family and friends,” he said.

“Personal behaviour is our best defence against COVID-19.”


Heggie said he would continue to review the COVID-19 situation across Australia and declare new hotspots if regions were considered a risk to the Territory.

The NT has also introduced a new check-in system requiring customers and visitors to provide their contact details when entering a range of venues for more than 15 minutes.

The system will use a government app to ensure a contactless operation.