I think we can all agree that two tacos is never enough. Heck, not even three! So the next time you’re feeling like Mexican, split the bill and stick a fork in some pork.

Transport Hotel’s Public Bar has added a stack of pub classics to their menu, including unlimited Crispy Pork Tacos.

Get this – you and your mates with get a whole pork hock to carve into and endless tortillas to feast on. It’ll be impossible to leave hungry.

Not to mention plenty of fillings as well. Think pineapple salsa, pickled cabbage, green chilli dressing and of course, guacamole.

Have a friend that prefers not to eat meat? Vegan Mac & Cheese is on the menu, as well as Mapo Tofu Loaded Nachos!

Salivating yet? The Crispy Pork Tacos are $60 to share (or enjoy by yourself). Make a booking at Transport Hotel’s Public Bar here.

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