For the last month, Australia has been having serious conversations about women’s safety in the workplace. It has been suggested we are witnessing the nation’s ‘Me Too’ moment.

However, it hasn’t been just Australia that has been rocked by these headlines. Women across the UK have taken a stand over the death of 33-year-old Sarah Everard, who had disappeared and was found a week later outside of London. A police officer had been arrested in connection with her murder.

As more women come out telling their stories about how they use different methods to protect themselves as night, such as clutching their keys, tying their hair back and making fake phone calls, it hit home for PJ that change needs to happen – and it needs to happen now.

As we approach the #March4Justice events across the country on Monday afternoon, PJ had a raw conversation about what needs to be done with Jase, including what men can do better.