We’ve seen people go into an absolute frenzy over the last few days as people start to grasp the idea that a coronavirus outbreak could be around the corner in Australia. 

Authorities have asked shoppers to not ‘panic buy’, especially when it comes to toilet paper, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be considering stocking up your pantry with some supplies.

Foodbank Chief Operating Officer John Robertson says its best to start collected long-life foods, such as canned goods including soup, fruits, vegetables, pet food and baby formula.

Grains are also a big one too, which includes pasta, rice, oats, cereal and international breads like tortillas.

If you’re stuck at home for 14 days, you’ll want to mix things up too. Other things to consider are pasta sauces, long-life milk, packet noodles, eggs, dried fruit, tea, nuts and tofu. You can even grab some flour and bake yourself something yummy!

Of course, Australians are definitely validated for all that toilet paper they’ve been purchasing, but you shouldn’t forget about other necessities, like laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, rubbish bags and female hygiene products. If you’ve got kids, make sure you’re all set with nappies and wipes too.

Medication will also be a big one in case stocks run low, so now is a great time to visit your local pharmacy and grab what you need.


Other ways to prepare yourself to a potential pandemic other than clearing the supermarket shelves is keeping your medical records up to date and practising healthy habits throughout the day, like eating well and getting enough sleep. Oh, and wash your hands!


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