Over the last few weeks, many large events have become in doubt or cancelled due to the spread of coronavirus. This has included plans for events such as AFL matches and the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend.

Now, more information is coming to light about the Victorian Government’s plans for Anzac Day, which is arguably one of the biggest public gatherings of the year.

To put it simply, Anzac Day will go ahead, but ceremonies may be forced to follow a non-traditional format with ‘extreme measures’ in place.

RSL Victoria Chief Executive Jamie Twidale said that they will still pay their respects even if it is just three or four people at each cenotaph and five people at the dawn service.

Mr Twidale said that the day was too momentous to lose, and the RSL will follow the advice of the premier and chief health officer.

“It just might not be in the traditional formation, but we will observe it in one way or another.”

Reports suggest the major dawn service could be broadcast on television or online with a select amount of people at the Shrine of Remembrance.