It’s an age-old question… When is it okay to fart in front of your partner.

And basically we think every single person will have a different answer to this.

If you ask Jackie, she thinks the correct answer is NEVER! She’s always worked hard to make sure she holds it in around anyone she’s dating.

Kyle on the other hand thinks you shouldn’t really do it straight away, but eventually when one inevitably slips out that you just have to own it and go with it.

And it seems that one of our listeners definitely agrees with Kyle’s way of thinking!

He called us up today to tell us about the time that his girlfriend of three years finally broke the fart barrier.

After three years of dating, Ryan’s girlfriend Kaylie had never let one rip in front of him. That is until one night when she accidentally did one in her sleep!


“The milestone itself happened about a month or so ago,” Ryan told Kyle and Jackie O this morning. “Basically what happened is Kaylie, after three years of a relationship with me has decided to let it rip.”

It was obviously completely out of her control, but Ryan was so proud that they’d finally made it to that point in the relationship that he decided to celebrate.

And so Ryan went and bought Kaylie a cake that read, “Congratulations on finally farting after three years”… Just imagine going to a cake shop and asking them to make that for you!

“I decided to celebrate the occasion with a momentous cheesecake,” Ryan said.

“It said, ‘Congratulations for finally farting after three years’,” Kaylie added.

But it seems Ryan’s excitement was all for nothing, because Kaylie still hasn’t changed her tune and said she’ll probably still hold them in going forward.


What do you think? Should partners feel free to fart in front of each other or hold them in?

In our opinion, it’s a natural thing that everyone does and we can’t do anything about that! So just own it and move on!

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