For most people, pregnancy means getting regular ultrasounds, reading parenting books, preparing a nursery, and relaxing ahead of what is sure to be a rather stressful, albeit happy, time in your life.

But one girl didn’t get the opportunity to experience pregnancy in the traditional sense. She didn’t actually know that she was pregnant until 9-months later when she was going into labour!

Kyle and Jackie O spoke with Caity, a self-confessed party girl who had gone to the doctor with pains in her stomach only to be told that she was about to give birth.

We can only imagine the sort of shock that you would be feeling in a moment like that.

Caity told us Kyle and Jackie O that she could barely believe it herself because she had absolutely no symptoms until the day she gave birth.

“I still was on the pill, got my period every month,” Caity told us.

“And you had no other symptoms?” Jackie asked.


“No, nothing at all,” she continued. “According to the doctors her sat in my spine and that’s why I wouldn’t have felt any movement or anything.”

Jackie was left pretty speechless by this story, as we’re sure any woman reading this would too. It’s kind of unbelievable that you could have a six pound baby growing inside you for nine months without any sort of sign whatsoever!

While it was no doubt a shock for Caity, it must have also been a shock for the father of the baby! However, unfortunately Caity told us that he was no longer part of the picture.

“It was just someone that I was seeing for a few months and then kind of just fizzled off,” Caity told us. “A few days later I sent him a message but he did reply and say that he didn’t want anything to do with us basically.”

Not only was Caity left a single mother, but she had absolutely nothing prepared for a baby, telling us that from the moment the child was born she had to act quickly and buy all of the necessities.

“All my savings went to buying everything baby,” she said. “Family and friends helped out as well.”


Thankfully Caity’s family couldn’t have responded better to the news and offered to help in any way that they could.

“My mum was over the moon. She’d been saying that she wanted a grand baby for ages and then all of a sudden it was like ‘I’m having one’.”

“I still take a step back and go, ‘Is this really happening?’,” Caity continued. “It’s good. We have our good days and bad days.”

Caity’s son is now 9-months-old and while she never would have imagine that this would happen to her, she couldn’t really picture her life any other way now.

What an unbelievable story! Hear more from our chat with Caity in the video above!

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