The list is in! These are the 10 filthiest items in your home.

Public Health and Safety organisation, NSF International revealed the 10 household items with the most germs, and surprisingly, the toilet seat isn’t one of them.

The organisation had scientists test 30 surfaces in 22 homes to measure levels of yeast, mould, salmonella, E.coli and staph germs.

See the full list here:

  1. Dish sponges and dishcloths
  2. Kitchen sinks
  3. Toothbrush holders
  4. Pet bowls
  5. Coffee makers
  6. Bathroom faucet handles
  7. Pet toys
  8. Kitchen counters
  9. Stove knobs
  10. Cutting boards

Speaking on Sunrise this morning KIIS 106.5 Newsreader Deb Clay shared her genius hack to keep the dish sponge clean: throw it in the dishwasher!

The reaction from Kochie was priceless. Watch in the video above.

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