The Herald Sun is reporting that Victorian schools will start to return in two weeks.

It is believed that classes will resume in the last week fo May, with years 11, 12 prep and grade 1 allowed back in first.

The announcement is expected to be made in the coming days, as Victorians prepare for some easing of the government’s guidelines against Coronavirus.

The State Government will allow older grades to return to school to help reduce the impact of home learning in the vital years of their education.

Other grades will slowly than be allowed back into school.

Some schools have already started to notify parents to prepare for attendance to resume but it will include strict new rules on drop-offs and pick-ups to minimise risk of the virus spreading; temperature checks of all students and teachers; any ­student or teacher with flu-like symptoms ordered to stay home; minimal contact ­between teachers; and increased use of sanitiser by students and children.

Break times are also likely to be staggered.


Over 150,000 Victorians have been tested for Coronavirus in the last to weeks, which has led to 20 positive cases.

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