A kindergarten in Sydney’s Northern Beaches has asked parents to bring their own toilet paper when they drop their children off as they have been unable to order any. 

This week, Harbord Kindergarten in Freshwater sent an email to parents asking them to donate toilet paper and baby wipes.

“We are currently struggling to order toilet paper and baby wipes from our supplier – Coles,” the email, obtained by the Daily Telegraph, reads.

“Just to get us by it would be appreciated if you could donate a roll or two of toilet paper and/or a packet of baby wipes just to get us through until the hysteria dies down. Thanks in advance for your kind donation.”

The director of the community-based, not for profit pre-school has said that parents have subsequently donated large amounts of toilet paper, which has helped them greatly. However, they are also in need of hand sanitiser.

A mother of a child at the Kindergarten told Daily Mail that children should not have to deal with the toilet paper shortage.

The news comes as supermarkets across Australia are inundated with people demanding more toilet paper amid concerns of a coronavirus pandemic.