We get it, most of the time you might be cool with chatting away in your taxi or rideshare, but sometimes, you just don’t feel up to it.

And particularly as you don’t want your Uber rating being affected by perceived rudeness, an etiquette expert has weighed-in on what to say… and where to sit.

Working with rideshare Ola, Susie Wilson produced a guide and spoke to Daily Mail about it.

First thing’s first though: always be pleasant when you first get in, and if you’re looking for a quiet ride, sit in the ‘silent seat’: the seat behind the driver.

Apparently the ‘silent seat’ should indicate to your driver that you’re keen for quiet.

However, Ms Wilson said if your driver doesn’t take the hint, here’s what you should do.

She said to say something like this:


“I’ve had a crazy day, don’t mind me but I’m just going to take a few minutes of quiet time to become human again.”

“So sorry, I’m going to tune out for a while so I can answer a few urgent work emails on my phone.”

“I’m about to put my headphones on, do you need any help with where we’re going before I do?”

If you ARE in the mood for a chat, the front seat is your best bet and keep the convo light.

Daily Mail

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