A Kmart employee has revealed “secrets” about the department store and how to slash more money off the already bargain prices.

Georgia Cook created an online video with her best tips which also included how to get the staff to cooperate with you when you can’t find products in-store.

“We give you a 20 per cent or more if something is damaged, just ask,” she said.

When one viewer disputed her claim, saying she only received a five per cent discount for damaged goods, Cook explained:

“All Kmarts are different for damaged items, that’s what we do with ours. It’s more if you accidentally bring a damaged item up and you still want it, you can ask for a discount.”

She also admitted that “half the workers don’t know where stuff is” and staff will only help you find stock if you are kind to them.

“If you ask if something is out of stock we will say yes if you’re rude and annoying, so be nice.”


Cook also explained that it was a “tough time” right now and many stores were out of stock of every day items.

Many people warned the 23-year-old that she could lose her job for sharing the details. The video has now been deleted.


We reached out to Kmart Australia for comment.





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