Kmart fans were left shocked by the closure of Anko, Kmarts biggest brands, with many shoppers asking what has happened.

However, don’t stress, Kmart has already quashed any worry that the brand will stop being sold across Australia and it will be business as usual.

In a statement, Kmart said that while Anko had stopped it’s US activity, the brand is actually its own brand label, made for Australia and they had only started operating there in 2018.

“Over the past 18 months or so we have been operating a few small-format stores in the US called Anko (named after our own brand label because we cannot operate as Kmart in the US),” the Kmart spokesperson said.

“Anko is, in fact, our own private label and sold in the US as an extension to our store network.

“Our intention for Anko from the outset was to have a test and learn environment where we could develop retail innovation using new technologies and apply learnings that could be rolled out in Australia in a smaller format.

“To provide some further clarity on our supply chain, during the early stages of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of the coming months, we reduced the number of product orders.


“The team have worked hard to bring the product forward and encourage customers to be patient as stock levels will start to come back in the next few weeks and all product availabilities to normalise by July 2020.

“Also to add, you will see in-store that the products will remain to be labelled as ‘Anko’ which was an evolution of labelling from our former “& Co” brands, i.e. “Home & Co” and “Kids & Co” etc.”

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