One of Australia’s top doctors has said that gyms pose a ‘higher rate of transmissions’ of Coronavirus compared to cafes and restaurants.

As a result, it could mean that gyms and fitness centres could open last as restrictions are relaxed, with predictions they may not open until September.

Discussing the easing on Channel 9’s Today Extra, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Nick Coatsworth said there would need to be a “very staggered’ lifting of restrictions.

He went on to say “Cafes and restaurants have been discussed publicly by state premiers in the past 24 hours. It’s all a matter of timing though.’

“They won’t all open at once and some of them present more risk than others.”

Among the riskiest places, is gyms, with Coatsworth saying “Certainly gymnasiums do present a higher risk of transmission because of their nature and the number of people that use them.’

“So anything we do, it’s got to be done in a very staggered way because you lift one set of restrictions, you’ve got several weeks before you can see the effect on what’s going on with COVID-19.”


Gyms were closed by the federal government on March 24.

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