Many people around the world are told many scary things about Australia, but according to one British woman, there is one place travellers should fear the most… Kmart.

Comedy writer Jordana Grace posted a hilarious video explaining how risky entering the store can be – especially when it comes to your bank account.


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Using the music of rapper 50 Cent’s iconic song ‘Candy Shop’, Jordana made her own little rap about the store.

“I take you to the Kmart shop, we’re going to buy lots and lots.

“Do I even need this stuff? My bank account keeps screaming no.”


The video has now been viewed over 234,000 times and people definitely agreed with her warning.

“You don’t go to Kmart knowing what you want, you go to Kmart and let Kmart tell you what you want…” one viewer wrote.

“Kmart is the bane of my bank account,” another said.

“This is our happiest place on earth!!!” someone else added.

Although, not everyone was pleased… one viewer wished she hadn’t revealed the secret!! Whoops!

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