Aldi shoppers have urged each other to check their receipts before leaving the store as some have noticed they have been charged twice for the same items.

One shopper said that it is a ‘very common occurrence’ at her local store and urged everyone to ‘check your docket before you leave.’

‘I’ve only been shopping at Aldi for two months however on many occasions on my weekly shop I get home and check the docket only to find they have double charged items in their speedy scan through,’ she said in a Facebook group.

‘Can’t prove it once I take the items home so I wear the loss.

‘[But] today I had time to check my docket at the store and yet again three items totaling $14 were scanned twice. So I went back to checkout and got a refund. I just wanted to let you know in case like me you didn’t check the docket in store.’

An Aldi spokeswoman said in a statement ‘In the unlikely circumstance that a customer is charged twice for a single item, we encourage them to return to their local store to receive a refund for the additional item.

‘As part of our returns policy we ask that customers provide their original receipt or other proof of purchase.’



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