The silly season is here and you know what that means… IT’S CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME PEOPLE!

The time of year when you and your work mates get all dolled up, go out and let loose after a hard year’s work before you do it all again next year.

But of course with that said, Christmas parties are not easy work by any means. In fact, they take a lot of preparation!

Find our top tips to help you get Christmas party ready below!

1. Get someone else to do your hair and makeup!

Let’s be real, there’s nothing worse than having your curls drop or your eyeliner lopsided while you’re quickly trying to get ready for the Christmas party. So avoid the hassle and treat yo’ self this Christmas party season with a professionals help!

If you prefer doing your hair and such yourself, then might we suggest a treatment or a blow-dry prior to the Chrissy party so that your hair is perfectly flowing and bouncy!


Somewhere like the Blow Bar Co can certainly help you here! You can check out all of their services and even book online here!

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2. Pack tons of emergency bandaids in your clutch

It’s your Christmas party and no doubt that means you’ll be busy killing it on the dance floor for most of the night. Trust us, with a pair of heels on you’ll be very thankful you packed those emergency bandaids when you wake up the next morning blister free.

3. Get yourself into the spirit while you get ready


We all love listening to some music to hype ourselves up for any sort of event while we get ready. And with the festive theme in mind, we’ve got just the playlist for you while you get ready for the Christmas party!

Check out Elf Radio on iHeartRadio right here for all of your Christmas classics.

4. Have your outfit sorted in advance

No one wants to see you lying on your bed surrounded by a pile of all of your clothes feeling frustrated because you’ve got nothing to wear. Avoid the stress and make sure you know exactly what you’ll be wearing to the party before the night!

5. Our final piece of advice, maybe log yourself out of your social media accounts


We want you to wakeup the morning after your Christmas party with your reputation and your job still in tact! Just in case you can’t handle yourself after a couple of celebratory drinks, we suggest logging out of your accounts before the party so you don’t suddenly go live on Instagram or something… And of course drink responsibly!

Enjoy the festivities!

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