If you have a fear of spiders, then this is probably not an image you’ll be able to erase from your brain anytime soon.

Metres upon metres of cobwebs. *shutters*

A phenomenon called ‘ballooning’ has swept across Longford, a town in Gippsland after flooding in the area.

Ballooning is a survival tactic used by spiders in an attempt to save themselves and their young from wet conditions on the ground.

And in great news for arachnophobes, Museums Victoria senior insects curator Dr Ken Walker told the Herald Sun that there were “millions of millions” of creepy contributors. Good lord.


“People just don’t realise there are millions of them out there because they are normally down on the ground,” Dr Walker said.

“This can stretch over hundreds of kilometres and be blown up to 3kms in the air.”

According to Dr Walker, if the temporary tactic wasn’t used, the spiders would drown.

“It is a survival and dispersal technique.”


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