Melbourne scientists have had a breakthrough in urgent research of coronavirus, finding how the human body overcomes the illness which will fast-track vaccines, treatments and identify who is at most risk at dying.

The Doherty Institute has been able to map the way a patient’s immune system responded to COVID-19 which showed what was used to combat the illness.

Researchers have also found that healthy people can fight off mild to moderate cases of coronavirus in around three days.

Lead research Professor Katherine Kedzierska also said the antibodies that the human immune system used to combat coronavirus are similar to what combats the flu.

“It suggests to us that we can fight the virus and we can drive recovery from COVID-19,” she said.

“We found that although COVID-19 is caused by a new virus, in a previously healthy patient robust immune responses can be elicited and associated with clinical recovery.

“We found in this patient three days after hospital admission we could see the emergence of specific cell populations in the blood.”


Whilst the study has proven the human body can fight it off, Prof Kedzierska also said the information will also help identify who cannot combat the illness on their own and will need medical attention.

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