A Melbourne church leader has been fined after leading a religious service in front of around 50 people on Sunday morning.

The parishioners had gathered at the Revival Christian Church in Narre Warren on Sunday morning.

In further defiance of the health directions, the parishioners were not wearing masks while praying and singing.

Victoria Police arrived at the scene at around 11am, 90 minutes into the service.

The local pastor reportedly told officers that he was forced to weigh up where his loyalties lie.

“I guess the question is do I obey God, or do I obey man?” he said.

“And so I’ve chosen today to open up the church and to keep my church and to keep my church doors open to the people in obedience unto God.


“We feel our instruction is under almighty God, according to the word of God.”

A Victoria Police spokesman said the organiser of the event will be receiving an infringement notice for breaching rules during the 5-day snap lockdown, during which places of worship are currently closed for in-person services.

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