The Colonel has offered his congratulations to a newly-engaged couple after their KFC proposal went viral on TikTok.

In the TikTok, a girl is seen digging into a KFC lunch, pulling open a biscuit to find an engagement ring sneakily hidden away inside.

For us playing along in Australia, a biscuit is basically a scone and it is excellent at soaking up that leftover gravy.

@higbogg@kentuckyfriedchicken she said yes!

♬ original sound – noname123

Responding to the happy couple, KFC said that just being involved in the moment was special.

“We’re always honoured to be a part of special moments, celebrations, traditions and memories of our customers,” a KFC spokesperson said.


Those in the comments section were on board with the idea of a KFC proposal too.

“KFC should make a commercial of this,” wrote one person. “If KFC doesn’t cater their wedding ima be mad,” another chimed in.

Although not everyone was on board with the idea, with one user writing: “imagine being proposed to with a piece of bread.”

Don’t know about you, but we’d be on board with it if it meant a delicious KFC lunch afterward!

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