Wow! Is there anything Kmart can’t do?

It’s no secret that the aisles of Kmart bring joy, happiness, comfort, support and smiles on faces to many Aussies all year round.

Now they’re adding another incredible and inclusive gesture of goodness to the list…

Kmart Australia have introduced ‘Quiet Space’ which offers customers and team members an opportunity to shop in a low-sensory environment with reduced noise, lighting and distractions from 3.30pm to 5.30pm every Wednesday!

This initiative is an effort to support those on the Autism spectrum, providing customers with a low-sensory shopping experience.

During this new ‘Quiet Space’ shopping block customers will find:

  • Store lighting will be dimmed
  • Kmart radio will be turned down
  • Register and scanner volumes will be reduced to the lowest level
  • Trolley collections will be limited
  • There will be minimal cages on the shop floor
  • No PA announcements will be made, unless it’s an emergency
  • More team members will be available to support customers

A statement on their website reads, “At Kmart we are focused on creating an accessible and inclusive environment for both our customers and team members. As such are focused on initiatives to increase accessibility for our customers and team members in addition with focusing on employment through our employment program which places a strong emphasis on ability, not (dis)ability.”

Kmart have also shared some sensory maps to help shoppers navigate their time in their local store. For more information and to view the maps and store listings, head here!


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