After years of washing, cleaning and cooking, it’s time for the kids to pull their weight – and the masterminds at Kmart have made it possible with the ultimate toy.

To help children get excited about household chores, Kmart have come up with a toy vacuum which is not only very realistic but picks up REAL DIRT.

That’s right. Your child can actually clean up his or her own mess. Finally.

In fact, it even has a fancy dirt compartment for easy cleaning AND multiple attachments. Unreal stuff.

Can it get better? Oh yes, it can! It’s only $25!!!

It does seem very thrilling for any parent, but it’s worth keeping in mind the vacuum is intended for role play only and runs on AA batteries. Regardless, it’ll hopefully kick off a positive outlook on chores for the future.


Do you need this in your home? The vacuum has popped up in some stores, otherwise, you can bookmark this page on the Kmart website.


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