A job advertisement for a Nanny position has gone viral after it was filled with what was described as demands for a “slave”.

The lengthy listing made its way to Reddit after it had asked applicants to be between the age of 25 to 30 years old, have a bachelor’s degree, be able to speak Spanish or Portuguese and have a car.

The nanny would be required to do the family’s grocery shopping and personal shopping as well as errands, such as going to the bank and the pharmacy.

The successful candidate would also spend a lot of time with the kids – making meals for them, driving them to school and activities, as well as tutoring them in their school subjects.

“So basically be my children’s parent and run my household,” one comment read.


“Just say you want a slave. Because with these requirements and this pay, this is essentially asking for someone to willingly slave themselves for them,” another added.

For Reddit users, it was perhaps the wage that strikes them the most – $13 an hour.

“This would be fine for a decent salary and free housing, but like this is insane,” a reader wrote.



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