It’s one of the first life skills you learn as a kid – how to tie your shoe laces.

A lot of us learn the ‘bunny’ method that has been passed down for generations. However, according to this online video, we’ve been doing it entirely wrong.

In the viral video, @attn explains the correct way to do it to make sure they don’t come undone.


Which way do you tie them? #TikTokTaughtMe #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #howto #hack

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“You want your laces to lie perpendicular to your shoe, not parallel,” a voiceover says.

So according to science, the correct way to do it is – cross left over right, loop on right and then cross left around loop.


The video has had over 637,000 views and many people debated the concept.

“I used to do the better version but it took too long to tie,” one viewer wrote.

“I always thought people who did two bunny ears were strange… now I know it just means they have no sense of logic,” another joked.

“My bunny ear shoe laces don’t come untied after 15 minutes lol they’ve been tied for 3 years,” someone added.




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