Docksta, Ektorp, Poäng, Kallax… Billy Bookcase.

Half of the fun of IKEA is trying to wrap your tongue around the names of some of their products.

The Swedish Mothership has now proven that there is a podcast for everything by taking these names and creating a sleep podcast.

For 35 minutes, instead of counting sheep, you can listen to two Swedish IKEA Australia co-workers listing names of products which is designed to help you fall asleep.

The podcast starts with an explanation of IKEA product names, such as how beds and wardrobes are named after Norwegian places and textiles are named after flowers and plants, before launching into the names of IKEA products.

Mark Mitchinson, Country Sales Manager IKEA Australia says: “The IKEA Sleep Podcast is a unique take on creating background white noise and one of many solutions we hope to provide to help the many Australians get a good night’s sleep.

 If it doesn’t help you fall asleep, it’ll no doubt subliminally help you put together your shopping list.


Listen to it here

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