A new study reveals that the use of emoji’s increases sexual drive and frequency!

Turns out, if you’re an avid ’emoji’ user, you’re more likely to have sex, according to a new study from The Kinsey Institute.

5,000 participants were surveyed, analysing frequency of emoji usage and whether “signaling affect” via emojis led to greater emotional and sexual connection.

Their findings suggest that “emoji use with potential partners is associated with maintaining connection beyond the first date, and more romantic and sexual interactions over the previous year.”

Continuing that, emoji’s “convey important affective information to potential lovers and add to a more successful intimate connection.”


So, for those of you who are wanting to increase your weekly count or ‘woo’ that special someone you have been eying off, when in doubt: heart emoji, heart emoji, winky face emoji, winky face emoji.

I’m not so sure constantly receiving eggplant and wink emoji’s would get most people ‘in the mood’. What happened to a nicely laid out, grammatically correct and punctually sound text message… now that’ll get me in the mood!

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