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Imagine living in a world without the internet.

No Google, no email, no quick searches for basically…everything.

Yeah nah, us either.

When you really think about it, much of our work and personal lives rely on the internet, like that math’s questions your child needs help with in their homework.  Imagine if you couldn’t quickly jump on the internet for guidance!

Unfortunately, that’s a reality for many young people in Australia who are doing it tough.

One in six young people are living in poverty*, and now that education is so reliant on access to the internet, many young Australians are being left behind.


Optus is working to change this, with charity partners like The Smith Family.

Optus has provided SIM cards, with unlimited national standard talk and text and 10GB of data to young Australians in need.

And now you can help!

While most of us are guilty of taking our data for granted (our hands are up!), eligible Optus customers can now use it to make a difference – and it’s super doper easy!

If you’re on an eligible mobile plan, you can head to the My Optus app and donate your data to someone in need today – it’s pretty darn simple.

We wouldn’t want our own kids to be left behind, so why not help another young Australian in need? Your donation can help power their potential and may even just give them the kick start in life they need to succeed.


T&Cs – Eligible Optus mobile services only. See for more details. 

*Poverty in Australia, 2018, ACOSS/UNSW Report.

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