When this customer decided to order a custom cake from Woolworths, she asked them to leave the top of the cake blank. Little did she know that they would take the request so literally.

Staff at Mayfield Woolworths were given instructions to leave the top of a custom-made blank, which they did, and the result is hilarious.

Woolies customer Amy decided to share the hilarious cake fail on Facebook, writing: “This is not a joke. This is the cake we collected from Mayfield Woolworths this morning for a work event today.”

“Thank you for the laughs. Everyone thought it was hilarious! And it tasted delicious.”


Woolies proved that they also love a good belly laugh once in a while, responding with: “WOW Amy! We’ve got no words – you’ve left US blank!”

“When our bakers say they’ll follow all instructions, they literally follow all instructions.

“We’re glad our Mayfield team could provide you with a little giggle today, and we’ll be sure to let them know. Also, we totally agree – this looks absolutely delicious!”

But, is there more than meets the eye here? Some social media users claim that the bakers in question would have double-checked that the woman actually wanted that written on the cake.

“Major set up! She took the order and questioned that they specifically wanted this written on it. I was there when they phoned in the order, she even asked what was the reason they wanted this written on the cake and they said because it’s funny,” one person wrote.


Whether it’s a set up or not, we got a good giggle out of it!

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