Far out, if this doesn’t push the ol’ nostalgia buttons.

After disappearing off shelves in the early 2000s, Revlon’s Flex shampoo and conditioner has surfaced at The Reject Shop – and Aussies are scrambling to get their mitts on it.

Flex had this distinctive musk smell which (along with The Body Shop’s Dewberry and White Musk perfume oils, or was that just me?) defined our teenage years.

From memory it was also super-affordable for a brand name –  and it seems that hasn’t changed. The price ticket on a recent photo listed the shampoo and conditioner at $4 each.

“Omg look what I just found at The Reject Shop. Wow does this bring back memories,” the original Facebook post read.

“This was my go-to shampoo and conditioner as a teenager and I was so disappointed when they stopped selling it. I remember it made my hair so silky soft and smelt amazing.”

She confirmed it still smelled the same and added the hope that the formula hasn’t changed since it was launched in 1971.


The post clearly had an effect on people.

“This has been around for more than 45 years as I used it when I was hairdressing those many years ago… Clients would bring it in for us to use on their hair and it smells beautiful,” one said.

“I used it in my teenage years so I will have to check out my Reject Shop to see if they have any,” said another.

“I remember my mum using these in the 90s in Fiji! Man, that seems like a lifetime ago. Her hair always looked and smelled so good.”

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