No, you’re not reading wrong.

There are in fact women around the world right now, attempting with all of their might to look ‘hungover’.

The very state many of us try desperately to avoid has been embraced as a new beauty trend in Asia, and there’s actually good reason why.

When we take our make-up off, often we’re left with eyes that are a little puffy, a little red around the edges and skin that’s quite pale – these symptoms are exacerbated when we’re hungover – and that’s just the look this trend is trying to achieve.

The latest trend to come out of Korea is aegyo sal, and it refers to the little bags under your eyes that pop up when you smile. The look is all the rage in Korea right now, because women believe the puffy bags under their eyes make them look younger, cuter – you know, more desirable!

Michelle Phan’s “Puffy Eyes” tutorial recreates the look with ease and actually does make see the point of the trend – and why it’s being embraced. Who would of thunk it?


Byojaku face is another trend that’s huge in Japan, and it’s designed to make you look sickly and vulnerable. It’s all about the pale face, and women are even accentuating it with red or pink blush under their eyes, too.

Source: Bustle

Video via Michelle Phan Youtube

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