A new video has emerged that is shocking people everywhere.

It’s of a woman giving birth to a baby via natural caesarean What is that you ask?

Well, it’s when a woman is prepped for a C-section, and then the baby delivers itself. Doctors make an incision into the womb and assist the baby by bringing out its head, before leaving it to force its shoulder and body out alone in a way that mimics a natural birth.

Yes, you probably do have to see it to believe it…

The reason parents are beginning to opt for this is simple; it promises to deliver babies in a less stressful environment and strengthen the bond between mother and child.

Rather than being taken away immediately by nurses, babies born through natural caesarean can spend up to four minutes with their mum immediately after birth, which helps to reinforce the maternal bond.

Video footage of the groundbreaking delivery procedure has gone viral on social media, after first-time mother Sarah Saunders was filmed giving birth to her baby son Leo.


After posting the video on Youtube, which has so far gained over 160,000 views, she wrote: “If you are unable to give birth naturally… having a caesarean is the next best thing.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk