Online shopping goes one way or the other.

Either you can get a bargain that fits perfectly.. or buy something pricey and it’s a disaster.

In one woman’s case, her shopping fail has gone viral for being bad but apparently is still trendy.

In a TikTok video, which now has 2.9 million views, a woman’s friend was left shocked by her friend’s purchase.


ok they kinda slap tho #hellonhood #fyp #fashion #princeharry #oprah @huntergeigerr101

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In the clip, you see user Em filming her friend who is lying down next to a pair of $817AUD jeans.


“She ordered some jeans online after seeing one ad,” Em wrote in the clip.

It shows the jeans from Hell on Hood, which are so long that when she wears them, the extra material makes them look like flippers.

The reaction from users included “I would cry of frustration.’’

However, once the jeans were worn correctly, it was agreed they look ‘king of cute’ as the excess material should be rolled up.

So a kind of, half success, we guess.

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