Alicia Shaffer is known as one of Etsy’s richest seller after it was released that she earns a whopping $65,000 a month just by running her online store, Three Bird Nest.

The online store, which stocks a range of scarves, socks and headwear was started in 2011, and sprung from the need for a couple of headbands in her women’s clothing boutique.

Her creations were so popular, that Shaffer started to sell them on Etsy and see how they went.

Almost instantly the online store received a large number of orders, which Shaffer thought was due to the upcoming holiday season. However after the season passed, the orders didn’t slow down and the mum-of-three widened her range to include scarves, socks, and leg warmers.


Just 18 months after starting her online store, Shaffer sold her women’s clothing boutique to focus solely on Three Bird Nest, which is now the second best-selling handmade product shop on site, according to Huffington Post.

‘I love textiles, fabric, fashion, designs, and seeing how different colors and fabrics pair together,’ she said. ‘You will find me with my little sketch book and notebook anywhere I go so that I don’t miss a moment to write down my next idea.’

These days, Three Bird Nest offers a wide variety of products, including more than 58 different headband designs, as well as boot socks, scarves, hats, gloves and accessories.


On average, she sells a WHOPPING 3,000 pieces per day and is so successful that her husband recently retired early from his job as a fire chief to help run the house!

Talk about the life!

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