OK, we know it’s not something you want to freely admit, but surely you’ve noticed an increase in the number two’s when you’re on the rags?

So instead of refusing to talk about it, we’re gonna act mature here and tell you the reason why ya just gotta poop a lot during your period!

Netmums spoke to an expert to find out why and again, it’s our hormones being a bitch. 

There’s a few science words – so bear with us. 

Obstetrician and gynaecologist Shazia Malik says that it’s cause by prostaglandins. 

These are hormone-like chemicals in your blood that are released when you have a period.


They cause your uterus to contract each month. And they can sometimes cause your bowels to contract as well.

Dr Malik said, ‘Prostaglandins make your uterus contract, which is what you need to shed the lining of your womb. They can also have an effect on your bowel and make it cramp or contract more, and give you loose stools.’

But your period can also making you pee more, too. 

Dr Malik adds, ‘When you ovulate, that releases the hormone progesterone. When you have a period your progesterone levels drop and your period starts.

‘Progesterone makes you retain water, which can leave you constipated. As your progesterone levels drop you have less water retention so some women notice they pass water more. That can also contribute to looser stools.’


But for those of you that take the pill, you might dodge the extra toilet visits, as Dr Malik says, ‘If you’re on the Pill you have constant levels of oestrogen and progesterone so you are not having the same surges and drops in hormones.

‘So women often notice they have less painful and lighter periods. Some women might notice they have less changes in bowel habits like looser stools during their period.’

Now that wasn’t too shameful was it! 

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