If you’re a single person, you’ll know that the quest for ‘the one’ can be a long and tiring one. So you’ll be pleased to know that this week is set to be the busiest of the year for online dating, with numbers of people looking to find love online rising significantly in January.

A sign of a popular new year’s resolution, or a real dedication to finding a soulmate? Whatever the reason, we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of this online dating boom. We sought the help of Dating, Relationships and Body Language Expert Katia Liosel to do a little research and come up with a list of top 10 tips to secure your special someone.

Top 5 tips to secure a life partner – not just a fling!

#1: Opposites don’t necessarily attract! Find someone similar to you. “Similarity really does breed attraction, we’re simply more attracted to people who share our interests,” says Loisel.m

#2: Don’t be afraid to look online. A study by Chicago University of over 19,000 married couples found that one in three started with an online romance and that online romances were associated with greater satisfaction than those that started offline.

#3: Take it slow. The same study found that those who planned a first date based on mutual interests and avoided premature intimacy online were more likely to stay together.

#4: Let the first date do the talking. If you really like someone, let the first date you plan do the talking, instead of trying to convince them of how perfect you’d be together.


#5: Pick your dates wisely. Planning an emotive or adrenaline packed date based on something you both love will send a shot of the natural ‘love drug’ phenethyamine through your veins, heightening the attraction between you,” says Loisel.

Source: mindsalike.com.au

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