You won’t look at your kid’s toybox quite the same again.

A study has just found that sex toys might be safer than children’s toys. At least chemically-speaking, that is.

The finding by the Swedish Chemical Agency was that fewer sex toys contained dangerous chemicals than children’s toys did.

“This was a bit surprising, ” said the agency’s Frida Ramstrom.

“This was the first time we did such a study.”

Before you start throwing out your child’s favourite dolls, the agency admits they studied fewer sex toys than children’s toys.

But the results are still something to consider.


Of the 44 sex toys they tested in 2016, only 2 per cent contained banned chemicals: Just one dildo which reportedly contained chlorinated parrafins, which is suspected of causing cancer, the SCA said.

Three of the 44 items, made of artificial leather and bondage tape, contained a type of phthalates, which are not banned, but on the EU list of chemicals of “very high concern” as it can affect the body’s hormonal balance and cause infertility.

Of the 112 children’s toys they tested in 2015, 15 per cent contained banned chemicals, including lead.

Spokesman for the SCA, Björn Malmström, told The Guardian that reason being could be that sex toys are more likely to be made by independent companies who have more control over what’s in their product.

Children’s toys, on the other hand, are more likely to be manufactured and imported by larger companies, which tend to have less power to exert over certain demands.

via the Guardian

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