A 16-year-old girl from the UK was celebrating her High School graduation in Turkey when she decided to get a Black Henna tattoo of a dreamcatcher on her ankle.

But it all went wrong from there.

Mary Bates went to get it retouched, and a few hours later it began to swell…

“Bits of my skin were coming off. It was just disgusting as it looked like open flesh,” she told the Daily Mail.


When she arrived home in the UK, she was referred to a burns specialist who figured out she had a chemical burn caused by p-paraphenylenediamine, a chemical in the black henna.

This isn’t what is traditionally used, and isn’t FDA approved.

Usually a Henna tattoo is a red-brown colour and made from dye of a flowering plant, but the black type is a synthetic coal tar dye…

Mary now hopes to become a theatrical makeup artist to try and cover her horrific scars.

The experience has severely impacted her daily life. Mary now has to take major precautions in her daily life, since exposure to this chemical is really dangerous.


She can’t go out in the sun for at least two years without protection, and she can’t dye her hair because that dye could trigger a terrible reaction like anaphylactic shock​.

Photo: Stock Image

H/T Daily Mail

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