There are heaps of different ways to tell what a person is really like; what they eat, where they shop – which coffee they drink!

However, one thing we never thought would tell a lot about someone, but definitely does, is what kind of underwear they wear.

Bikini cut, g-string, or nothing at all – find out what the underwear you wear says about you…

G-string: Women who wear g-strings are more likely to be sexually free. They’re keen to try new things and typically enjoy the company of men more than women. You also tend to be a spirited person, who loves a good party! The problem is that sometimes you like to party a little too much…

Boy-cut undies: Typically women who wear these are athletic or sporty. They stay away from more traditinally feminine cuts because they don’t embrace the girly side of their personality. In saying that, you know that you’ve got a great body – and aren’t afriad to show it off in the ‘cheeky’ fashion that boy shorts allow. Women who wear boy shorts are also typically hard workers and can lead a group with ease.


Bikini-cut undies: You’re into comfort and a garment that can really stick with you throughout the day. You’re typically pretty care-free and enjoy a good time. You’d prefer to be out having a good time with friends than dealing with office politics.

Granny panties: Someone who wears granny panties typically doesn’t care much about what people think – contrary to what people think. Many would think that people who wear granny panties are in desperate need of support and comfort – but they’re wrong. It does however mean that you don’t plan to have the company of a man all that often – and aren’t a huge fan of tight, figure-hugging clothes.


Commando: Going commando can make you feel free and confident. It’s also REALLY good for your vajayjay – you know, to air it out and such. Women that choose this style are generally pretty easygoing or problem-solvers. You’re generally a passionate person who appreciates life and lives every day like it was their last. You’re genuine and a lovely person and it shows.

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