Have you ever wondered what REALLY goes on during a plastic surgery procedure?

Well, it’s time you found out – and you won’t even need to go under the knife. There’s a plastic surgeon in the U.S called ‘Dr. Miami’ – or, Michael Salzhauer, who broadcasts all of his surgeries via snapchat.

And now he is giving the world a behind-the-scenes peek into how he got nearly 821,000 people to watch him perform plastic surgery every day.

“People have never seen these surgeries before,” Salzhauer told Vanity Fair. “I remember the first time I saw one, I was mesmerized.[Some people tell me] they get a little high from it. There’s actual joy from watching people getting manipulated. Some people like that feeling of getting grossed out and losing control, too.”

In fact, he’s become so popular, he’s had to hire two social media assistants to film him as he works.

While most of his patients are okay with being filmed, some people actually seek him out as a result of his snapchat videos.

Dr. Salzhauer is actually a husband, a father-of-five, an Orthodox Jew who keeps kosher and observes the Sabbath. He also just happens to be a Miami plastic surgeon who broadcasts Brazilian butt lifts to popular music.


“I like trap music,” Salzhauer said. “I’ve developed quite a taste for it. We always had something playing in the O.R. before the snap, but now I monopolize the music. I’m always asking, ‘Is this new?’ Or, ‘Are the kids asking for it?'”

Follow him on Snapchat @therealdrmiami.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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