Turns out our activewear could be doing us more harm than good… 

According to Dr. Michael Eidelman, the medical director of Chelsea Skin & Laser says that our yoga pants and workout clothes may cause yeast infections, pimples and rashes! 

Speaking to Mic, Eidelman said that there are a variety of skin issues that can pop up thanks to clothes that ‘don’t breathe as well and hold sweat closer to the skin’, therefore creating ‘warmth and moisture’. 

The biggest concern is folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicle that can come from damage or blocking of the follicles, due to tight clothes or rubbing. 

Then there’s Tinea cruris which flares up from the growth of fungus and yeast from lingering moisture. 

For women, vaginitis and yeast infections are VERY common from wearing tight, moist clothing for too long. 

Another kind of inflammation is intertrigo, a rash that Eidelman said pops up in the folds of the body in moist environments, such as the innger thigh, butt crease, armpits and the underboob region. 


So if you’re an activewear fan, it might be time to rethink wearing it all day! 

Otherwise, getting clean helps. There are lots of wipe and washes for ‘down there’ that help keep things fresh. 

Source: Mic

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